It is necessary for all household equipment to have a voltage protector, due to electrical fluctuations that can cause irreparable damage to appliances.


voltage protectors
are ideal devices for the protection of electrical appliances that operate with electrical energy and that may be subject to voltage spikes or surges. Its purpose is to control all energy entering the equipment and regulate it.


It is important to have this product in the home as a way to prolong the life of your appliances.


For residential use, it is advisable to use an individual protector for each of the devices.


In this regard, Condesa has available for the Venezuelan market the
voltage regulator of 3 sockets
to keep more than one device protected according to the area of the home.


Devices that can be connected


It all depends on where the equipment is installed; if it is a room, the controller may include small devices such as cell phone chargers, televisions, laptops, cable or Blu-ray decoders.


If the protector is located in the living room, its capacity is designed to connect to audio and video systems, decorative lamps, fans, among others.


If installed in the kitchen, the devices that the regulator can protect range from blenders, waffle irons, rice cookers,
ice makers
ice makers, among others. In other words, all these appliances can be connected and protected at the same time by the Condesa three-socket surge protector.


What voltage faults do the protectors detect?


  • Outages: When they occur the equipment has to restart its operation. The protectors in this case block the energy and regulate it until it is suitable for the device.
  • Low Voltage: In this situation, the protector performs the function of marking that the voltage level is too low to work properly and blocks the passage of current until it stabilizes.
  • High Voltage: The regulator is in charge of detecting the change of energy and avoids that electrical appliances can be damaged or burned by an overvoltage.


Not all regulators are the same


Just as there are many types of electronic devices and each requires a different amount of current to operate, voltage regulators work in the same way.


Protecting your equipment is the best investment you can make, for this Condesa offers a range of high quality voltage protectors to preserve and extend the life of your appliances.


Regarding Condesa


Condesa is a brand that has been in the market for more than 30 years accompanying Venezuelans by offering a range of white goods. The brand currently has 31 zones in 25 cities, which are present in all Multimax Stores in the country.


To learn more about the brand you can visit the website or write to their customer service WhatsApp number