At home or in the office, it is necessary to have this practical device to give that refreshing touch to your drinks.

It is the best option to keep the ice in your social gatherings and still enjoy the occasion.

Although ice can be prepared in a home freezer using the classic and uncomfortable method of filling trays with water, the truth is that the result will never be the same as if we make our own ice, especially because of the taste and smell that the ice cubes from the freezer usually have.

Offering an excellent alternative to the cumbersome method of ice trays, the Condesa ice maker allows the user to make up to 12 kg of ice in a day, choosing the size of the ice cube according to your preference.

These are the most important advantages you can get by having an ice maker at home.

  • Comfort
  • Ice always available
  • Odorless quality ice
  • Healthy ice
  • Space saving

Having a portable ice maker can be your ally in your leisure time, the cubes serve perfectly for beauty and skin care treatments.

In addition to being able to enjoy quality ice, buying a home ice machine also has an impact on the health of you and your family. In addition to serving as an aid in unforeseen events such as burns and injuries.


The handling of water at the professional level can bring many problems of rust, contamination deposits. The ice maker
has an enormous advantage, since it is a closed equipment, thus avoiding external contamination.

Thanks to the ice scoop, you will avoid the risk of dirtying the buckets of the container when removing them.

You can also enjoy the 9 pieces of ice it produces per discharge to fill your glass to the top.

Be the best host with the Condesa Ice Maker

Give your visitors the best of experiences without having to search stores at night or perform the tedious task of breaking down giant, heavy bags of ice and make your meetings more fun and comfortable.

You won’t have to wait so long for your ice

Its mechanism is so simple that its time to make ice cubes is from 6 to 13 minutes according to the quantity you will need, at your fingertips.

It also has a removable basket that you can keep within easy reach in case you need to refill your glass with ice without leaving your comfort zone.

For your convenience

In Condesa Trading we have more than 30 years accompanying you with the appliances for the home, always looking for the comfort and well-being of our customers, providing them with solutions.

You will be able to save space in your home since the ice maker is not large and its weight is light, ideal to take it with you wherever you want, making the right amount for the people you are with.

Its control panel is quite easy to use, showing you the different options in which you can prepare your ice in the way that best benefits you. Thus, its quiet operation of manufacturing will not cause you any discomfort whether you are in a meeting or enjoying your leisure time.

You can even save yourself the worry of a bad taste present in the ice in your soft drink, as well as the durability of the ice after the second flush so as not to dilute the taste of what you are drinking.

The portable ice maker is part of Condesa’s refrigeration division. That is why we invite you to take a look at the range of products we offer in this category.

Regarding Condesa

Condesa is a brand that has been in the market for more than 30 years accompanying Venezuelans by offering a range of white goods. The brand currently has 31 zones in 25 cities, which are present in all Multimax Stores in the country.

To learn more about the brand you can visit the website or write to their customer service WhatsApp number.