(Marketing Condesa) – In the last month of the year, the favorite home appliance brand of all Venezuelans, makes available to all the people of Aragüe its range of appliances, now in the Parque Los Aviadores Shopping Center.

Followers from different sectors of Maracay visited the Zona Condesa to purchase the products of their preference and participate in the special activities that the brand prepared for all attendees.

Manzur Dagga, president of Condesa, expressed the commitment to provide all people looking for the brand, variety, quality and good prices to acquire the product they need.

“Year after year we work to offer quality products, which is really what our customers are looking for, an investment that translates into long-lasting equipment,” said Manzur Ramadan Dagga.

Among the range of products available in the Zona Condesa, the highlights were stoves, freezers, refrigerators, ice makers, washing machines, electric ovens, electric tops and many more.

World Cup Fever In Condesa

As part of the World Cup, Condesa organized special activities for users who attended the opening, inviting them to participate in a dynamic for exclusive brand prizes: umbrellas, umbrellas, balls, key chains and aprons were given away to those who completed the challenge.

The dynamic was based on scoring 3 goals in a sector of the field identified to enter the ball, the users, when they finished acquiring their Condesa Product, approached the Playing Zone and managed to complete the Mundialista challenge.

We continue to grow for Venezuela

Manzur Dagga ratified the commitment to reach different sectors of the country, in order to reach every home or enterprise with products of a nationally recognized brand.

“Our goal is that Venezuelans can have the product with the necessary functions to meet their daily needs,” said Manzur Dagga.

The president of Condesa, invited users to follow the brand on the Instagram platform as @condesatrading to learn about the promotions, special activities and unique surprises they offer.