Condesa, incorporates in the market a product that has a space that ensures the precise temperature, ideal storage and perfect preservation.

Such is the case of the Beverage Center that the brand has available in the different Condesa Zones of all stores. Multimax Store The elegant and compact presentation of this product makes it suitable for the decoration of any space, such as the kitchen, the business or the office.

In this regard, Manzur Dagga, president of the brand, explained that this equipment has an analogical panel with 6 temperature levels, which can be graduated between 3° and 16°C; this allows the beverage to cool and then remain stable, avoiding freezing.

“Our Beverage Center is an excellent option for efficiently storing drinks, sweets or cakes; it is a very useful piece of equipment especially in commercial establishments.”

Another of the benefits of this equipment is the compressor, which generates minimum noise and provides greater cooling power, thanks to its copper piping.

The design is compact, easily recessed and features tempered, spill-resistant glass trays.

In terms of storage, the capacity of the Condesa Beverage Center is 100 liters, where other products requiring refrigeration can be stored in an organized manner.

The new product of the brand has a front panel with white lighting offered by its LED system.

The brand representative explained that the new beverage center has interchangeable tempered glass doors, a material that helps maintain a stable temperature, with a luxurious stainless steel edge, which ensures that it is resistant and durable.

“Our beverage center is versatile, efficient and innovative, it allows you to store a wide variety of beverages or desserts without compromising space and if you are looking for it for the home, it will noticeably upgrade the space where you place it,” added Manzur Ramadan Dagga.

Unlike a refrigerator, a beverage center has all aspects designed to cater to beverage storage.

The shelves are designed with the ideal dimensions to accommodate a particular quantity of bottles and cans, this ensures that they are stored upright and properly.

It also allows you to maximize space inside a refrigerator by easily placing beverages side by side and easily accessing all beverages.

This versatile unit can be used stand-alone or flush-mounted. It also comes with a self-closing door so you don’t have to worry about your drinks getting hot.

Thanks to the R600-A refrigerant used, which is ecological and natural, a low environmental impact and energy savings are achieved.

Beverage Center or Winery

It is important to be clear about the difference between a beverage center and a wine cooler, since both have a sober style, as well as an excellent capacity and low consumption.

Beverage centers are units specially designed to store and keep cold bottles, cans or desserts, while wine coolers are smaller and serve to store beverages.

Beverage centers save space, allow you to set the precise temperature you need for your beverages, which is crucial when it comes to storing drinks or desserts.

“Our customers know which appliance they are going to buy because they need it at home, but it is important in this case, to know the difference between two products that are apparently the same, such as the case of the wine coolers and the beverage center,” explained the
businessman Manzur Dagga

The best location

The beverage center does not have to take up space in the home, they are versatile units that can be used stand-alone or integrated into your kitchen or business cabinets; the unit can be seamlessly installed into existing unused space to transform it into a functional and luxurious enhancement to both home and business.

This beautiful and durable stainless steel fixture is designed to withstand the rigorous outdoor conditions of home or business spaces.

The new beverage center can be purchased through Condesa Trading ‘s website , customer service number via WhatsApp and on all its social networks by following the account @condesatrading.

Regarding Condesa

Condesa is a brand that has been in the market for more than 30 years accompanying Venezuelans, offering a range of white goods.

The brand currently has 27 Condesa Zones, which are located in all Multimax Stores throughout the country.

Among the appliances offered by the brand, kitchens, refrigerators, washing machines and freezers stand out.